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Essentials | Multipurpose WordPress Theme – Not Recommended

Essentials | Multipurpose WordPress Theme By PixFort is not a good theme – it is because they are overcharging the license fee for staging the URL of the website too.

  • They will force you to buy additional licenses for the staging URL
  • They will force you to buy a new license if you change your domain name.
  • They will force you to buy an additional license even if you did a small test on a new URL.

The support team of the Essentials theme will block theme features and they will also ask Envato to block your account.

The final action will be blocking your Envato account. Envato has clear guidelines that staging URL licenses can be used for Live URLs – But they will go with theme author and against you and block your Envato account

The problem is that the Pixfort support team and Envato brought it to your notice years later, so you will never be aware of this scam until you suffered from it.

Envato Not Recommended – Envato Scam

The Envato team will blackmail you for 2-3 days – If you do not buy additional licenses, after that, they will block your Envato account.

You will not be able to download your previous purchases once your Envato account is blocked.

Final Suggestions for Evnato and Essentials theme

Not to buy Essentials theme, Not to depend upon Envato, anytime they can demand for additional payments with the threatening of blocking your account.

Here is the Article of Envato, where no license purchase is required, when we change the domain name: https://forums.envato.com/t/abou-themes-license-can-i-change-site-domain-name-with-regular-license/121062/4

Here are pics of the conversion with the Envato Team


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