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Essentials WordPress Theme By PixFort has noticed some scam activities to force buy additional licenses. At any time they will ask to buy additional licenses for the staging websites, you worked on years ago.

Staging websites are the website where you start redesigning or developing a new website. So for One website, they will ask to purchase two licenses. If your staging websites have more than one, then they ask you to purchase more licenses.

Essentials Theme Case Study 1

My case study was that I developed a website two years back for one of my clients. The client was moved from us about one year ago. Now client changed their domain name- So the Support Team of Essentials theme is asking to purchase the additional license, while one license has already been purchased and used. As per Envato guidelines change of domain will considered as the same project and does not require an additional license, But they forcing to buy an additional license. As the client already moved years ago – I do not own his domain and website, but they forcing me to buy an additional license. on denying to buy a license, my Envato account is locked out. They have their own theory of licenses

Essentials Theme Case Study 2

I was developing a staging website for one of my clients – The new staging website was built by using the Essentials theme and license, if the client agreed to make the staging website live, then I had to buy an additional license – So how this can be justified?

Essentials Theme Case Study 3

Their support team will block Theme features, Page builders, Headers and some other elements, if you deny to purchase additional license

Envato Action related to the Essentials theme

We decided to use themes as it is, but Envato locked our account – So it was concluded Envato supports Authors on the basis of their sales, they refused to support clients because they are only one-time buyers

Ratings of Essentials theme on Themeforest

Their ratings on Themeforest or Envato is not a true rating. I saw many Envato users’ complaints about the Essentials theme and they reviewed it 1 start on ThemeForest, but they deleted these reviews without any correspondence with Essentials theme buyers.

Conclusion for Essentials theme and Envaot

Beware of scams from Essentials WordPress Theme By PixFort – Strongly not recommended to buy this theme – Never believe theme reviews by Envato


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